Artist of the Week - Jeremy Briggs
Our featured artist this week is Jeremy Briggs. His work has been on display in the Ginger Fig Gallery for several years. Here are the results of our interview with him.
Q. How would you describe your work?
A.  Decorative and functional wooden items that are designed to be enjoyed or used, with the tactile quality adding a further sensory delight.
Q. What inspires you?
A. Natural shapes and designs that appear in nature or in our man made surroundings, as well as seeing how other artists have used materials that may enable me to enhance my wood turning.
Q. Can you describe your techniques and how you work?
A.  I start with the basic raw material, i.e wood. Ideally I try to source local wood, preferably when recently felled. This enables me to choose what I will make more easily than if just presented with a chunk of dried wood. Wood needs to season (dry out), but if I turn it to shape while still wet, I can quickly make a roughed out bowl that will dry out over a short period of months. When dry, it is re-mounted on my lathe and the final shape is worked using gouges and other tools and then completed with sanding and finishing. Turning green wood means that I do not see the piece through from lump of wood to finished item in one session, but I have many roughed out dry bowls, ready to go that just need to be put on the lathe for the final enjoyable part of the process.
Q. Tell us about where you work.
A. I have a modest sized workshop at home that is attached to the house and comfortably heated.
Dust entering the house needs careful management to prevent too many complaints of wood shavings everywhere, but the advantage of being able to pop in for a couple of minutes at the end of the evening is often very helpful.
Q. And finally, just for fun, what is your favourite word and why?
A.  Toast. Every day breakfast using my home made wholemeal bread and marmalade.