Artist of the Week. Julia Crimmen

Julia's ceramics always attract a lot of attention in the gallery and are a popular choice for customers looking for original, handmade gifts.

Here is our interview with Julia.

Q. How would you describe your work?

A. Cute, quirky. collectible slip cast animals and nature inspired hand painted tiles and ceramics.

Q. What inspires you?

A. Usually a walk or cycle out in the countryside. I collect leaves and small flowers in a sandwich bag to take home - much to my daughter's embarrassment.

I looked out of the window this week and saw 7 magpies in the garden, and was inspired to make some new 3D mini sculptures which are in the pipeline. I collect magazine images and draw in my sketchbook regularly to use for reference.

Q. Can you describe your techniques and how you work?

A. I use porcelain clay and either throw on the wheel, or make slab built pots. I also build up 3D images in clay tiles, which I mount in hand painted frames.

Slip cast animals begin as  a plasticine model, which I then cast in a plaster of Paris mould, colouring the slip with pastel shades.

I have just begun to use decals (patterned transfers) within my work which adds another design element.

Q. Tell us about where you work.

A. I am so lucky to have a beautiful wooden studio in the garden, although I still call it "the shed".

I have a gorgeous view out into the garden and I am determined to keep the weeds at year!

Q. Finally, just for fun, what is your favourite word and why?

A. Pyjamas - my favourite part of the day.