Artist of the Week - Jonathan Doney

Jonathan's distinctive work is often a talking point in the gallery with its clever play on words. Here is our mini interview with Jonathan.

Q. How would you describe your work?

A. I was educated as a typographer, so the majority of my work is centred on the presentation of letters and words. Using poems, sayings, serious meaningful stuff as well as some quirky bits and pieces I aim to give something that is pleasing to the eye and printed to as high a standard as possible using a process that dates back to the 1400's. In other words, I work in the past!

Q. What inspires you?

A. Language mainly and how you can introduce visual elements to complement what's being read. If I can bring in a 'trick' or two that raises a smile, then, it can make the image more memorable and enjoyable. As a famous designer once said, 'Type are the clothes that words wear.'

Q. Can you describe your techniques and how you work?

A. It's letterpress printing using individual characters (letters) which are made from either metal or wood. Mostly, I'll scribble an idea out and then work it up on my printing press as I go along.  Choice of paper is as important as the size and style of the type and the colours which are going to be used. Sometimes, especially when producing leaflets and small booklets there's a lot of advance planning to be done.

Q. Tell us about where you work.

A. My garage has been converted into a workshop and I'm quite happy there although I've outgrown it now. Most of the year it's great but winter is a bad time as it gets really very cold because it's sited on the north side of our house. The temperature plays havoc with my feet.

Q. And finally, just for fun, what is your favourite word, and why!

A. Truth. Nothing is more powerful. If you have truth on your side you cannot be overcome.